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Discount for Trench Wars Players
New! TWSites.com offers a discount of 15% to Trench Wars Players

Although our primary business is business customers, TWSites also provides its premium quality, high availability systems to personal and non-business customers. With easy to use pre-installed software, even an internet novice can quickly and easily set up a website.

Advanced users will be impressed with the business-grade uptime and stability, multiple redundant backups, and enhanced programming features.

TWSites.com provides free web services to the Trench Wars community, supporting the forums, TWD, TWL, bots and all other web-facing Trench Wars infrastructure.

To take advantage of the discount, use the coupon code "terrier" when you sign up.

Quad Core Xeon X3220 Processors
8 GB ECC Registered RAM
Western Digital RAID Edition 3 Drives
Adaptec 5405 Unified Serial Controller, RAID 10
Custom optimized and hand-tuned
Diverse, Redundant Multi-Gigabit Infrastructure
Live Backup Server w/ Full Daily Backup

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